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The former staff of the Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family have backgrounds in law, psychology, social psychology, sociology and philosophy from the University of British Columbia, Carleton University, the University of Calgary and the University of Guelph.

Lorne D. Bertrand, Ph.D.
Senior Research Associate

Lorne Bertrand, Senior Research Associate Lorne Bertrand was with Institute from 1993. Lorne obtained his B.A. (First Class Honours), M.A. (with Distinction), and Ph.D. degrees in Social Psychology from Carleton University in Ottawa. Prior to coming to the Institute, Lorne completed a three-year postdoctoral fellowship in the Psychology Department at the University of Calgary, followed by research positions at Calgary Health Services and the Alberta Lung Association.
Lorne continues to provide hands-on research consultation, expertise and data analysis and interpretation for social science and social policy projects in the areas of family justice and advocacy. Contact him at, or 403.370.2448.

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John-Paul E. Boyd, A.O.C.A., M.A., LL.B.
Executive Director

John-Paul Boyd, Executive Director John-Paul Boyd was responsible for the overall operation of the Institute, and is a member of the bars of Alberta and British Columbia. Prior to joining the Institute in 2013, John-Paul spent fourteen years in private practice in Vancouver, serving as a litigator, arbitrator, mediator, parenting coordinator and children’s counsel in family law disputes.
John-Paul now provides mediation, arbitration, med-arb and parenting coordination services in family law disputes throughout Alberta and British Columbia. John-Paul also provides a number of children's legal services, including preparing non-evaluative views of the child reports, giving independent legal advice where children's informed consent is required and drafting children's affidavits as independent counsel. Contact John-Paul through his firm's website,, or by email at

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Joanne J. Paetsch, B.A.
Administrator & Research Associate

Joanne Paetsch, Administrator and Research Associate Jo Paetsch served as Administrator for the Institute since its establishment in 1987. Joanne obtained her B.A. in Psychology (with Distinction) from the University of Calgary in 1996. In addition to her administrative duties, which were almost wholly consumed complying with funders' reporting requirements at a significant loss of useful productivity, Joanne also acted as a Research Associate, spending the remaining half of her time on project development and research activities.
Jo can be reached at

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